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Is being a Witch…’difficult’?

I was asked the other day if being a witch was ‘difficult’.  I replied, with “do you find it hard being a Christian?”,  strangely enough they left me alone after that 😉 but it made me think about how I see my life and how witchcraft ties in with it.

I don’t actively try to ‘be’ a witch because it is just part of me, so for that part at least it is not hard at all.  However, the prejudice can be.  In this day and age, you would think that people would have got over the whole ‘you must be a devil worshipper’ outlook but alas no.

I don’t wear particularly gothy type clothes (ok, I admit, I used to, but not any more, my rather rotund figure doesn’t allow for it! lol), I don’t wear witchy make up or anything like that so if you were just looking at me you wouldn’t really know. I don’t have a big neon sign strapped to my head with saying WITCH or a tattoo on my forehead saying PAGAN or HEATHEN- I really am just ‘me’.

I don’t tell everyone.  Not because I’m worried,  it’s just that I either can’t be arsed or (depending on the person) it’s none of their bloody business! People should either like me or dislike me for ME, not of the path I follow.

The other day, my eldest hurt her arm during PE at school and the school rang me and asked if I could pick her up and take her to the local hospital to make sure it wasn’t broken.   We got to the minor injuries desk at the hospital and they went through the admission form and of course they said ‘religion?’.  I said ‘Witch’ and then the receptionist just said ‘Riiiiight’ and then sniggered.   Would they have given the same reaction if I had said Catholic or Christian?  I doubt it.

I have also had people alert the police, yes you heard me, the police, saying that I am a danger to society because I am a witch.  The police were amazing (I cannot praise them enough!), they came to my house, sat down, had a cup of tea and a giggle and said “you have nothing to worry about, you know what people are like, they are just sheep and if others do not follow then they become worried”. I jest you not, that is exactly what was said. They even shook my hand and said it was a pleasure to meet a real witch. Bless them! 🙂

So yes sometimes being a witch is difficult.  Not the actual ‘being a witch’ part, but other people’s perceptions. The hardest thing I ever did was say that I was a Christian Witch. The 2 together seems to upset both sides. As a rootworker (hoodoo) I use the Bible, I believe in Jesus, God, Saints etc. And I am indeed an ordained Christian Pastor. That is the most difficult thing, trying to explain to both sides who I am. I maybe a Christian and  I maybe a witch, but I am still human…..and relatively normal 😉

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8 replies on “Is being a Witch…’difficult’?”

I have just discovered your blog, how interesting it is! I am a green/hedge witch style oerson and am at the stage where I feel I could be more open about it to others … people like that receptionist can be so disrespectful though. It makes me want to keep it to myself.

Is being a witch difficult? Yes it is because you constantly battle perceived opinions. I’m proud of my path but do get fed up of the silly questions ” do you dance around bonfires naked?” ” Can you turn people into frogs?” … I wish! i don’t mind genuine interest as i can often educate but it’s the silly innuendos about witches and their broomsticks i can do without.It’s hard to try and explain to people that my path is my way of life built upon respect when all they can connect with are stereotyped images in films and tv. Witches are serious people with a hint of madness , a heart full of love and broad shoulders. We care and we share and are proud of our chosen path. We are strong and stand together and are proud to say WE ARE WITCHES !

Trust I understand how you feel as a Witch myself I’ve had some people made comments under their breath, but most for the part I typically brush them off. But some people really do need to grow up.

being a witch is difficult. not just because of what others think, or how one is perceived by others.. hell, that’s the least of my worries. i rather like people thinking i’m some evil wicked person, that way i don’t have to answer dumb questions. being a witch automatically makes you an outcast, even if no one knows. they sense a strangeness about you. you see things that others do not. you hear things others cannot, you talk to things others think are not there.. you know things other will never know. your knowledge of strange things puts them at unease. being a witch is difficult to me because its a very lonely path.. no one understands me, even if i tired to help them understand they can’t. i feel like i live a double life.. one foot in this world, another in the next. i try to run from who i am only to have the spirits bring me right back.. sometimes with me kicking and screaming. they have lead me through some dark times, only to come out stronger. they have lead me through some very happy times only to be richer in spirit. at times i wish i wasn’t a witch, i wish i was like everyone else. but this is my path, and i must be brave and walk it. magic is also fun and a big plus, what witch doesn’t like a little spell work? whistling up some winds, conjuring a storm, making some ill luck befall a wicked selfish person, helping someone who really needs it with a little luck. going into the woods gathering herbs and roots on holy days. or getting your hands really dirty bone collecting, brewing up some amazing teas, mixing powders for this and that. crafting magic out of ordinary objects people tend to overlook. being a witch is also very fun.. but no one ever said it was easy.

This comment really caught my attention. I am a witch. As far as i know, no one else in my family is a witch which often makes me feel very alone. If u can message me back or email me it would be hreatly appreciated as i have some questions on how to go forth with my craft and life! Thank you 🙂

I can relate to this article. I struggle everyday, because everyone in my community assumes that I’m the perfect Christian, but what they don’t know is that I’m a white witch. I have been hiding this secret from my family, friends, and co-workers for years now. I believe in the art of witchcraft and I believe in polytheism, however, how do you explain this to others. I have to constantly hide my conjuring jars, my herbs, my incenses, and candles. I tell my family that the candles are for aroma and that the herbs are for medicinal purposes. I must admit, I’m a damn good witch and I have conjured lots of spells onto many, however, I have yet to figure out how to conjure a spell to put my family under it. I find myself lately drawn to the dark side, but again its a my secret and very hard to disclose. I’m so glad to have found this blog. Thanks for inspiring me and encouraging me more about my beliefs. Signed Rebecca Somogy, Middleburg, Fl

When I was 16, I came across a book in a secondhand bookshop, the title was “Witchcraft”, author was anonymous. I bought this book, read it, and have never looked back ever since. (I should add, I feel this book found me, rather than me finding it).
The contents of this book, compared to the typical witchcraft books you can but today (which are mainly Wiccan Witchcraft), was very simple and straight forward. No elaborate ceremonies or tools, no chants or wailing, just belief in yourself, and the spiritual and natural world.
I have been away from Witchcraft for many years, family and modern life just took too much time, but now, I have the time and the yearning to return. I have been quite shocked as to how much Wicca has taken over (i have nothing against it BTW) and how commercialised it has become – someone starting out on the Wiccan trail needs to have a good job if they need to buy what the books say you need.
I have recently spent some time trying to find the best definitions of both Wicca and Witchcraft, as a lot of the recent (past 20-30 years) books seem to gel the two together under one umbrella, but I knew it was wrong, and this site has helped me finally separate the two.
For me, I keep it simple, like the original book I bought taught me. I work to my own needs and what feels right for me. No expensive Athames or Chalice, or wands, bowls and silver statues and jewellery.
After all, where would our ancestors have got their equipment from hundreds of years ago?
Many thanks for this site, and keep up the good work!

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